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A state-of-the-art surgical center, offering quality patient care.

TN Vascular and Thoracic Surgical Associates, PC are on the forefront of vascular innovation and vein care. We use minimally invasive vascular and vein care technology that are both safe and effective. Our physicians are skilled in the latest treatments for PAD (peripheral arterial disease), dialysis access surgery and maintenance, wound care, as well as many other medical services. We are recognized nationally for our support of the Fistula First initiative, and have been specializing in dialysis access for over 8 years

At TN Vascular and Thoracic Surgical Associates, PC our physicians and staff are under the direction of our Medical Director, Charles S. Drummond, III, M.D. Our state-of-the-art facility and physician's expertise allows us to provide unparalleled service that is matched by no one in the Southern Middle TN area
I was going to a doctor for 18 months I was on anabiotic‘s the whole time I was not getting any better I was getting sicker and sicker I was in and out of the hospital had surgery after surgery I was septic five times within the year of 2018 I took it upon myself to go to Dr. Drummond he looked it over my record and done test to see if Ithere was anything that can be done he done test and told me straight up that There was nothing he could do for my feet amputated my left leg below the knee I got my prosthetic I started walking I had a wound VAC on my right it was not getting any better he told me his self that I had a 20%of saving it that I had so much infection in my foot that there was really nothing to do but to take the legs off he told me his self if I had this done I will be walking by Christmas with the new prosthetic in September amputated the right leg I’m a below knee amputee I started therapy and Dr. Drummond was right now I am walking with a lot of therapy I done everything he told me to do and he was right Dr. Drummond Is the one that saved my life got me back on my feet I’m thankful for him and his staff for what They have done for me and if it weren’t for them I might not be here in this world today
— Steve Qualls
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